Former Members


Name Year Affiliation
Xianwen Mao 2016 Cornell University
Paul Brown 2016 Elektrofi, Inc.
Demetra Achilleos 2015
Ruben Wälchli 2015
Jonas Hübner 2015
Margarida Costa Gomes 2015 CNRS
Liangrong Yang 2015 Tsinghua University
Jie Wu 2015 National University of Singapore
Jung Tae Park 2014
Yangcheng Lu 2014 Tsinghua University
Burcu Eksioglu Gurkan 2013
Arpi Toldy 2013
Yaroslav Klichko 2013 US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center; Natick, MA
Fritz Simeon 2012 Saudi Aramco; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Jennifer Kozak 2012
Tiangang Shang 2012
Sa Wang 2012
Huimeng Wu 2011
Mihir Purkait 2011 IIT, India
Renu Ravindranath 2011
Kunshan Sun 2011
Andrea Centrone 2010 NIST
Boelo Schuur 2010 Technische Universiteit
Yujun Wang 2010 Tsinghua University
Ying Yang 2009 Tsinghua University
Giulio Alighieri 2009 Regensburg, Germany
Jens Bolle 2009 Regensburg, Germany
Tatsushi Isojima 2008 Mitsubishi Chemical
Eduardo F. Marques 2008 Porto University
Elke Scholten 2008 Wageningen University
David Dressler
Keith Chadwick
Junqi Zhao
Name Year Affiliation
Qing Xu 2016
Temperature-Responsive Polymers and Their Application in Flocculation and Dewatering
Kristin Vicari 2016
Development of electrochemically-mediated membrane separations, specifically for applications in carbon sequestration
Aly Eltayeb 2015 MIT Sloan
PhD Thesis: Analysis and Design of Electrochemically-Mediated Carbon Dioxide Separation
Jane Hung 2014
Xianwen Mao 2013
PhD Thesis: Microstructural Manipulation and Architecture Design of Carbon-Based Electrochemical Systems
Vinay Raman 2013
PhD Thesis: Computational Study of Self-Assembly in Block Copolymer/Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle Composites under External Magnetic Fields
Mike Stern 2013 Exponent
PhD Thesis: Electrochemically-Mediated Amine Regeneration for Carbon Dioxide Separations
Seok Joon Kwon 2013 KAIST, South Korea
PhD Thesis: Phase-Equilibrium-Mediated Assembly of Colloidal Nanoparticles
Emily Chang 2013 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Virginia
PhD Thesis: Controlled Emulsion Droplet Solvent Evaporation for Particle Production
Justin Quon 2012
PhD Thesis: Crystallization Process Development and Spherical Agglomerates for Pharmaceutical Processing Applications
Su Kyung Suh 2011 Samsung Cambridge
PhD Thesis: Controlled synthesis of magnetic particles
Mahriah Elizabeth Alf 2011
PhD Thesis: Functional and Responsive Surfaces via Initiated
Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD)
Abhinav Akhoury 2011 Boston Consulting Group
PhDCEP Thesis: Redox-Responsive Polymers for the Reversible Extraction of Butanol from Water
Ying Diao 2011 Stanford University
PhD Thesis: Design of Polymeric Substrates for Controlled Molecular Crystallization
Priyadarshi Panda 2011
PhD Thesis: Stop-Flow Lithography for Complex Particle Synthesis and
Application in Directed Assembly
Asha Parekh 2011 Sloan Business School
PhDCEP Thesis: Magnetic nanoparticles and their applications in environmental remediation
Sanjoy Sircar 2010 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
PhD Thesis: Kinetocs of gelation in photoreversible gels
Vaibhav Somani 2010
MS Thesis: Colloidal stability of nanoparticles in molten salts
Nathan Aumock 2010 McKinsey & Company
PhD Thesis: A Process for Separation by Semi-Continuous Counter-Current Crystallization
Ravikanth Annavarapu 2009 McKinsey & Company
PhDCEP Thesis: Size based separation of submicron nonmagnetic particles through magnetophoresis in structured obstacle arrays
Ling Chao 2009 Cornell University
PhD Thesis: Spatial and Temporal Control of Lipid-Membrane Morphology Induced by Sphingomyelinase
Fei Chen 2009 Air Products
PhD Thesis: Magnetically Enhanced Centrifugation for Continuous Biopharmaceutical Processing
Liang Chen 2009
PhD Thesis: Next Generation of Electrospun Textiles for Chemical and Biological Protection and Air Filtration
Saurabh Tejwani 2009
PhD Thesis: Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Non-Magnetic Particles in Magnetic Fluids
Smeet P. Deshmukh 2008
PhD Thesis: Responsive polymers for dynamic modulation of bio-macromolecular transport properties
Lino A. Gonzalez 2008
PhD Thesis: Negative magnetophoresis of submicron species in magnetic nanofluids
Huan Zhang 2008 Dean & Company
PhD Thesis: Preparation and applications of catalytic magnetic nanoparticles