Ali Hemmatifar

Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 66-303

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2018
M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2015
B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2013 

Research interests:
My interest lies in transport phenomena in electrochemical modulation processes for water treatment and environmental separations. I am interested in design, construction, and modeling of separation modules to address the energy and environment challenges.

Journal Articles:
[11] Oyarzun D I, Hemmatifar A, Palko J W, Stadermann M, Santiago J G. “Ion selectivity in capacitive deionization with functionalized electrode: theory and experimental validation” Water Research (2018)
[10] Liu K, Huang Z, Hemmatifar A, Oyarzun D I, Zhou J, Santiago JG. “Self-Cleaning Porous Surfaces for Dry Condensation” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2018)
[9] Hemmatifar A, Ramachandran A, Liu K, Oyarzun D I, Bazant M Z, Santiago J G. “Thermodynamics of ion separation by electrosorption” Environmental Science & Technology (2018)
[8] Ramachandran A, Hemmatifar A, Hawks S A, Stadermann M, Santiago J G. “Self-similarities in desalination dynamics and performance using capacitive deionization” Water Research (2018)
[7] Oyarzun D I, Hemmatifar A, Palko J W, Santiago J G. “Adsorption and capacitive regeneration of nitrate using inverted capacitive deionization with surfactant functionalized carbon electrodes” Separation and Purification Technology (2018)
[6] Qu Y, Campbell P, Hemmatifar A, Knipe J M, Loeb C K, Reidy J J, Hubert M A, Stadermann M, Santiago J G. “Charging and Transport Dynamics of a Flow-Through Electrode Capacitive Deionization System” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2018)
[5] Palko J W, Hemmatifar A, Santiago J G. “Tailored Porous Electrode Resistance for Controlling Electrolyte Depletion and Improving Charging Response in Electrochemical Systems” Journal of Power Sources (2018)
[4] Hemmatifar A, Oyarzun D I, Palko J W, Hawks S A, Stadermann M, Santiago J G. “Equilibria model for pH variations and ion adsorption in capacitive deionization electrodes” Water Research (2017)
[3] Hemmatifar A, Palko J W, Stadermann M, Santiago J G. “Energy breakdown in capacitive deionization” Water Research (2016)
[2] Hemmatifar A, Stadermann M, Santiago J G. “Two-dimensional porous electrode model for capacitive deionization” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2015)
[1] Hemmatifar A, Saidi M S, Sadeghi A, Sani M. “Continuous size-based focusing and bifurcating microparticle streams using a negative dielectrophoretic system” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (2013)

[2] Palko J W, Hemmatifar A, Santiago J G. “Electrodes for faster charging in electrochemical systems” U.S. Patent App 15/809,513
[1] Stadermann M, Qu Y, Santiago J G, Hemmatifar A. “Phased charging and discharging in capacitive desalination” US Patent 9,758,392

For a full list of Ali’s publications, see his Google Scholar profile.